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Drylands Alliance is part of the Savory Institute Hub Network, a global community of Holistic Management practitioners. We are the only Savory Hub in the world that also places a focus on Holistic Urban Land Management. The Savory Institute’s goal is ambitious: by 2025 they aim to establish 100 self-sustaining Savory Hubs in strategic areas around the world that will train thousands of Holistic Management practitioners and influence the management of 1 billion hectares of land (or 1/5 of the grasslands of the world).

Each Savory Hub has the following key elements:

Each Savory Hub is staffed with accredited local professionals who are experienced in using and teaching Holistic Management to successfully handle the complexities of management in commercial and/or communal land settings.

Each Savory Hub is strategically located in order to influence an average of 10 million hectares of land. Each hub has control over specific piece of land that serves as a learning site, providing a location for hands-on training for anyone interested in learning to use Holistic Management and explore opportunities for scientific research.

Each Savory Hub has access to the Holistic Platform™, a digital, multi-media rich, interactive platform that provides access to the Savory Hub network, a global network of experts and Holistic Management practitioners, training curriculum, materials and content management, tools, entrepreneurial development support, funding, and financing resources. The Holistic Platform provides all the necessary structure and support to ensure that local restorative work is consistent, sustainable, and successful.

Supported by Savory Institute each Savory Hub is responsible for marketing the following programs and services to local practitioners, NGOs, and government agencies.

Each Savory Hub Offers:

  • Professional Training
  • Professional Accreditation
  • Project Consulting
  • Full Spectrum Monitoring
  • Educational Programs
  • Auditing Services
  • Entrepreneurial Incubator

Learn how to become a Savory Hub or if you’re in Arizona, contact us to see how Drylands Alliance can help you reach your regenerative agriculture goals.