Water resources within the San Pedro River Basin in southeast Arizona are limited and they must support the water needs of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, the U.S. Army at Fort Huachuca (home of the nation’s premier communications and intelligence training and testing center), and communities and the agricultural operations that support them. Cochise County Highway and Floodplain Department contracted with WEST to develop a watershed plan and environmental assessment, construction drawings, cost estimates and specifications, for a new recharge facility on the 2,984-acre Bella Vista Ranch, capable of recharging up to 630-acre feet/year.

WEST will use both land management strategies, including grazing management, and managed aquifer recharge basins for capturing urban enhanced runoff to meet the project goals of: flood reduction through reduced runoff, erosion, and sediment; watershed protection through increased baseflow and improved riparian habitat for threatened and endangered species along the San Pedro River; and water security through improved watershed function from land management and groundwater recharge for increased water supplies for local communities.